Latest Clips

  • TronXL vs. White Wolf Added: 02-20-2020

    White Wolf (Scrappy) is the newest hero trapped in the evil [more]

  • Red Scorpion vs. Rad Added: 02-13-2020

    Beautiful bad boy Red Scorpion slinks into the dungeon decke [more]

  • The Defender vs. The Eye Added: 02-06-2020

    New super villain The Eye has entrapped and humiliated Super [more]

  • Steel Man vs. Red Scorpion Added: 01-23-2020

    Steel Man (Jacob Van Acker) finds himself bound to a cold m [more]

  • PX-Beta vs. Blaze Added: 01-03-2020

    Plucky PX-Beta (Dimitri Darkthorn) has saved the city once [more]

  • Dash vs. Nick Justice Added: 01-01-2020

    Coming Soon

  • Baron Badcock vs. Mist Added: 01-01-2020

    Baron Badcock is back, baby! He may be shorter than the a [more]

  • The Ripper vs. Dash Added: 01-01-2020

    Youthful, powerful, daring and dangerous. Dash and The Ri [more]

  • Wonder Man vs. Tsunami Added: 01-01-2020

    Forget about Gal Gadot. Bring on GUY Gadot! Who needs Lyn [more]